Friday, 1 September 2017


First we  went inside the stardome with my class and with  the other class we got a activity to do in the stardom that was amazing and fun. We got very excited.

about our solar system. We saw a movie about an alien we went to a trip with the alien. We went to the mars and the moon. We  were so so excited to go on a trip with the alien. Next we went to the bus then we got back to pt england school.

All of the classes were eating lunch. Meanwhile when were we all finished eating we got to play on the park. Everyone was all excited some people was having fun at the stardome. We were all excited at the stardome we was all had fun at the stardome.
After all the fun we had we had to go back to Pt England school in the same bus but when we went we were in the bus that time. When we got out of the bus we went to play on the park with the other people.  

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