Thursday, 19 October 2017

musical madness

this morning I walk in a line with my class to the hall. When we got in there we saw a crazy man called Mr J.we looked at him and he was amazing. We sat on the floor and Mr Burt and Mrs Nua was singing a songs called musical madness. Then we had a special team.The  Last team five share their item with us. they was watched a movie called the lion king. well They were eating some popcorn on the couch. They were playing the movie and playing the song to.the last song was let it go. they were saying don’t diop him because they were scared that they might diop the little lion.

My favorite team was team two the songs was the lion king songs. that was my favorite songs called the lion king. My next favorite team was team five.

After the assembly  Mr Burt and Mrs Nua was singing the song for us to leave they were singing us musical madness.    

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