Tuesday, 17 September 2019

fortune teller

today we made fortune teller in pears.frist we got instruction how to make one.then next we got in pears.then we had to video of me and my buddy.then post it on our blog.The End.hope you injoy

Friday, 30 August 2019


food cain

Am Food Chain Narrative

Once upon a time me and my family went To the rocky shore at pt england beach.we sat on a rock To feel the water because it was hot and sunny.when we sat down on the rock we put our legs in side the nice and cold water.when my legs where in the water I saw a crab on one off the rock that was next to me crawling around the rock that was next to me. I was scared off the crab so I decided to jump in the water i swam to the other side off the rock that was away from  the crab that I was next to. I felt like I was draining in the water slow.So I swam as fast as i can To save myself from draining and from seeing that crab again. meanwhile there were alot of crab on a rock that was at the rock that i was sitting on before.the end      

Thursday, 8 August 2019

capital E

today we had 3 amazing  pepole name nina,sepe,hannah that come to our school to show there incredabel show for us in the hall only for the year 5,6,7,8,.my favorite one is  when sepe rap to us and siad eat your face.I think it was incredabel and amazing with mr j in it he was an good actor for all of us and in like the frist part when nina sing in the first part with a Maori songs.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

colour and label fractions

hi welcome to my math you can see there is ten solveing problem.each one of them has the colour Grey on it.that means a cule.if you see a line with no namber on top and down that means you have to try and put your own namber on. but you have to count the grey colour and writing how much grey colours that is there.and it just gose over and over.thanks for watching                                                   

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Funniest moment

One day me and my brother AJ where walking To the shop To get a drink
for my mother.Later when we were on our way to the shop my brother was running so fast and then he slipped over a banana  Skin and I started to crack up so hard and I could not stop laughing at him because he was screaming at me saying STOP LAUGHING AT ME.Later that time we were at the shop buying mum’s drink and to forget all that thing that was going on in the beginning when he fell over a banana Skin And when I was laughing at him so hard.So we went back home and he told my mum that I was laughing at him when he fell over.